Witch Hazel

For well over 50 years, Witch Skincare has been loudly singing the praises of nature’s best kept beauty secret –Witch Hazel, our hero ingredient.

Why Witch Hazel? Quite simply, it naturally cleanses, tones and smooths the skin – so it’s perfect for all our products. This active ingredient also contains antioxidants which help maintain normal skin renewal and speed up your skin’s recovery from a breakout. Witch Hazel also helps tighten pores, improve skin tone and soothe sensitive skin. The list goes on and on. And, ultimately, that means you can enjoy perfectly balanced, soft and healthy-looking skin.

Witch Hazel plant

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a commonly used plant extract that has soothing properties to refresh and hydrate your skin. That’s why we’ve added it to our Purifying Foaming Cleanser and SPF15 Day Moisturiser. The Aloe Vera plant originates from the South Eastern Arabian peninsula and its skin healing properties have been documented since the 16th century BC by Egyptian physicians. It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and vitamins to help soothe and moisturise skin.

Aloe vera plant

Red Clay

Red Clay helps to reduce shine and purify skin, so we’ve used it in our Purifying Clearing Mask. This type of clay is naturally formed silicate that comes from the earth’s soils, which contain important nutrients and minerals. It has been used in skincare since the times of Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Romans. Known for its skin refining benefits, it absorbs excess oil on the skin and helps to draw out impurities.

Red clay

Vitamin B

Important to help maintain healthy-looking skin, Vitamin B is mainly used as an antioxidant and to help free radicals, therefore helping to improve your skin’s texture. You’ll find this in our Brightening Night Cream.

Vitamin B capsules