• Skin Challenge Week - A clear win!

    January 28th 2011

    Five days, five beauty bloggers, five events that fit the life every girl enjoys to lead, even though it might have a not-so-fabulous effect on her skin.

    During the past week Jen, Amy-Louise, Natalya, Zoe and Jenny scampered around Central London’s top cocktail bars and busiest shops, along with a private dance class and a visit to a high-end jazz club. Witch’s anti-blemish makeup range was on their side all the time, helping protect their skin against the downsides of a busy life style.

  • A jazzed up Thursday evening

    January 27th 2011

    Rushing through fashion megastores and letting it loose to ‘the sound of the underground’ is all very well, but there comes a time when a lady feels the need for a little glamour. Putting a little more make up on, sipping on a few more drinks, staying up late… Every girl needs nights like these and now we need not worry about the effects it’ll have on our skin! Hoorah!

    The sultry atmosphere of Ronnie Scott’s, in the heart of Soho, was just the place for our girls to face their fourth Challenge.  While American soul singer Carleen Anderson set the tone, the girls indulged in a proper good time even though it was a school night, looking all dolled up with a little help from Witch’s anti-blemish cosmetics.  Yet again the products were hard at work by both protecting and giving us flawless looking skin. All we had to focus on was having fun.

  • Happy feet, happier skin

    January 26th 2011

    Three days into the Skin Challenge and our beauty bloggers were ready for more. The time had come to get down and dirty with some serious dance moves, in a private dance class with choreographer Zoe-Ann Aston in Covent Garden’s Pineapple Dance Studios.

    A guarantee of great fun, that usually comes with a downside of redness, oiliness and maybe clogged pores. That’s when the witch hazel and other natural ingredients in Witch anti-blemish cosmetics have got to do their job, helping to protect the girls’ skin while they focused on giving their best impression of Cheryl, Nadine & Co. Yes, guess what the theme of the class was…

  • Conquer your outfit and save your skin

    January 25th 2011

    Yesterday was the second day of Witch’s Skin Challenge Week and this time our plan couldn’t have been more different from Monday’s.

    Instead of relaxing and talking about cosmetics, our bloggers had to count on Witch Anti-blemish Cosmetics to help protect their skin against pollution, bright lights, a busy environment and a fair amount of stress. Sound harsh? Maybe…but sometimes that’s what a fashion conscious girl has to go through to get her hands on that killer outfit!

  • The Skin Challenge Week is officially on

    January 24th 2011

    Last night saw the kick-off of a 5-day long unique experience for the five brave beauty bloggers who are putting our new makeup range to the test. We’ll be taking them on a carousel of all those things we love doing, even though we know our skin won’t be too happy about it.

    It all started at The Upper Rockwell at the Trafalgar hotel, which is well known for its delicious drinks and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for Amy-Louise, Natalya, Zoe, Jenny and Jen to get to know each other and meet celebrity makeup artist Nat Van Zee.

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