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tips for travel

Whether you’re planning a weekend break, or travelling further afield you might want to check out our top skincare tips for travel:

  1. Travelling light? Scale down your skincare by looking for multi-tasking products such as our Daily Primer and Clearing Serum
  2. Pack wipes in your hand-luggage for an in-flight freshen up, your skin will thank you for it!
  3. Air con can be incredibly drying. Keep your moisturiser handy to top-up on the go.
  4. If warmer weather leaves your skin feeling oilier than usual, ramp up your cleansing regime to an oil control face wash
  5. Keep your cool by looking for skincare with cooling ingredients such as the soothing Witch Hazel extract you’ll find in our products.

4 simple steps to the perfect cleanse

  1. Before you get started, be sure to tie your hair back away from the face so you can cleanse right up into the hair line.
  2. Start by soaking cotton pads with a Micellar Water and sweep over the skin in an outwards direction, re-applying if necessary until the pads come away clean.
  3. Tempted by the double-cleanse? Follow the Micellar Water with an Exfoliating Wash to help remove dead skin cells for a really clean, smooth feel.
  4. Beware! Hot water can zap moisture from the skin, so keep things gentle by rinsing your exfoliator away with lukewarm water.


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