Flawless Friends


19 October 2012

Next Flawless Friends meet up!

Well it feels like forever since we last caught up with our lovely Flawless Friends, but the time has come for our next meet up! We’ll be meeting this weekend for afternoon tea in Soho and bringing along a fan of Witch, Donna Dawson who you may recognise from previous appearances on This Morning and her columns in more! and Company magazines, where she offers insight into different aspects of personality and behaviour.

From meeting our Flawless Friends at the first event we know how important feeling confident can be, which is why we have invited Donna along to join us. She’ll be on hand to not only answer any questions our Flawless Friends have but to provide advice regarding self-confidence. It’s going to be a really laid back and informal chat and Donna is super excited about meeting our girls and hearing their opinions and ideas! 
Donna loves understanding what makes people tick and can’t wait to get to know our Flawless Friends a little better on Saturday!
We’ll be back next week with a full update and pictures of what we got up to so keep your eyes peeled :)
Love Witch xxx