• Are Witch products suitable for all skin types?

    The Witch Skincare and Anti-Blemish Cosmetics ranges are suitable for all skin types, but work best on oily / combination skin.

  • Are Witch products tested on animals?

    We understand your concern about animal testing of cosmetic products and can assure you that no Witch products are tested on animals.

  • Which face wash should I choose?

    The important thing is to make sure that you are cleansing your skin twice a day, the exact face wash you choose to use is mainly down to personal preference.  All of our face washes use naturally derived ingredients.  As they do not contain SLS or SLES they are more mild and gentle to the skin.  Witch Oil Control Foaming Face Wash cleanses with a light bubbly foam whilst Witch Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash smoothes the surface of the skin whilst cleansing, both are suitable for every day use.

  • Any tips for avoiding spots in the first place?

    Keeping skin clean will help prevent spots and blemishes, so make sure you have a regular cleansing routine for your skin.  Try also to avoid touching skin repeatedly with your hands as they contain oils which can cause spots and blemishes. And DON’T squeeze or pick at spots! Use the Witch Blemish Stick to target problem areas.

  • Why do you have two different types on concealer, which one should I choose?

    The original Witch Concealer Stick is a very popular product, but our Liquid Concealer does offer additional benefits.  The product you choose really depends on what type of concealer you prefer.  The Liquid Concealer is also formulated for use under the eyes where the Concealer Stick is not, so this means one less product in your make-up bag.

  • I suffer from acne ? can I use Witch Anti-Blemish Cosmetics?

    While you may need to treat your acne with guidance from your GP or dermatologist, our Anti-Blemish Cosmetics can help you achieve a more flawless complexion. With the gentle formulations of natural and antibacterial actives, the range is better than most for troubled, oily/combination skin.

  • Do I need to cleanse before applying make-up?

    It's always best to cleanse your face well before applying moisturiser and make-up. The Witch Skincare range offers products specifically designed to give clean and clear skin. With freshly cleansed and dried skin, applying make-up is easier and it stays flawless for longer.

  • Can you recommend a moisturiser for my oily/combination skin?

    You may not need a daily moisturiser; try Witch Anti-Blemish Tinted Moisturiser, as this will give most skin types enough moisture for the day. If your skin needs more hydration, look out for an oil-free moisturiser specifically for combination skin.

  • I have dry skin with an occasional spot; can I use the Witch products?

    Witch Skincare and Anti-Blemish Cosmetics are developed with oily/combination skin in mind, but some of the products are suitable for targeted use on dry skin, for example our Blemish Stick, Blemish Pen and Concealer Stick. If you use your daily moisturiser first, you will find that the Anti-Blemish Cosmetics can also help you control your occasional blemishes.

  • Do the products contain SPF?

    No they don’t. We understand that not everyone is keen to have this in their make-up, and in fact SPF is best applied with a daily moisturiser or sun cream that is applied several times daily for the best protection.

  • Why doesn't the Pressed Powder compact come with an applicator?

    Witch Anti-Blemish Pressed Powder doesn't come with an applicator as we want to give you the freedom of choosing your preferred powder puff or brush. Further, powder puffs should be replaced regularly for hygiene reasons. Dependent on usage, this could be more often than the pressed powder itself.

  • I notice the new BB Beauty Balm includes SPF15, can I use is as my daily sun protection?

    Whilst our Anti-Blemish BB Beauty Balm can provide SPF protection day to day, it is not advised to use it as a replacement for full sun protection. Be sun safe with appropriate sun cream as required.

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